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Unless noted, articles are in Adobe "PDF" format.  Get Adobe Reader here. 

The False Economy of DIY Technology.  Published March 2006 in TechnoLawyer.

Essential Technology for Solos and Small Firms.  Published October 2005 in TechnoLawyer, the November 2005 Oklahoma Bar Journal, and elsewhere.

In Search of an Archive Solution.  Published June 2005 in TechnoLawyer, this article discusses what to archive, format, and medium to use.

Using CaseMap in Litigation.  Published in the August 2004 edition of SOLO, the newsletter of the General Practice, Solo and Small Firms section of the American Bar Association.  Aside from a case manager, I consider CaseMap the most important software a litigator can have.

Where Are My Files?  Published in TechnoLawyer.  Article explains my FREE system to manage law firm documents and client files.

Top 10 Tech Tools for Litigators.  Published June 2004 in TechnoLawyer.

Wiring the Small Law Office for Less than $ 10,000.  Published late 2001, this article has appeared in bar journals across the country, Lawyers Weekly USA, and elsewhere.  Prices and hardware recommendations may be dated, but the concepts are the same.  To download my July 2003 ATLA PowerPoint presentation,  click here.  Requires PowerPoint.

Digital Dictation:  You've Cut the Cord, Now Cut the Tape.  Published in Lawyers Weekly USA and syndicated by TechnoLawyer.

Why Use Computerized Case Management.  This article answers why solos and small firms should use computerized case management and the benefits of computerized case management.

Tracking Documents in Litigation for Less than $30.    My low-tech and VERY cheap method to track documents.

Timelines - They're Not Just for Trials Anymore.  Published in Lawyers Weekly USA and elsewhere.  Article explains many of the uses of timelines in court, and why they work.

Medical Records and Costs Spreadsheet.  A simple spreadsheet to track medical providers, dates of records requests, when records are received, amount of medical bills, amount of medical liens, and funds counsel has advanced in the case.  Easy to compute how much client will receive.  Take it with you to mediation and court, and send to client for updates.  In WordPerfect and in Word.

Task Delegation Form.  A low-tech way to keep track of tasks assigned to co-counsel, associates, or staff.